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Nurses : Maternity NANNIES

A highly qualified maternity nanny may be of use to the future mother for some advice before childbirth and may assist her on her return home. She either sleeps with the baby or in a room next to it. She always keeps a logbook with the hours of breast or bottle feeding. If the mother breast feeds her newborn baby, the nanny will bring her the baby for feeding and take care of it afterwards. If the mother does not breast feed her child, the nanny will take care of the baby, while mother and child get used to their new life together. She can assist the mother 24 h /24 or only in the daytime, or only at night time. She usually works 5 to 6 days a week.


Tasks of maternity nannies

  • General care given to the baby
  • Assistance with breastfeeding / sterilization of baby bottles
  • Storage of the nursery
  • Maintenance of baby clothes


Our candidates are highly qualified and very experienced, very available and discreet.

Personnel must be declared by the Employer to the competent authorities.

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